Legal service of franchising in Guangdong

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Guangzhou law firm is a full-service law firm with a national/international practice in franchise, master franchise, distribution, and licensing matters. Our franchise team is an alternative to the large, expensive law firm. Our clients include:franhcisors, franchisees, multi-unit franhcisees, franchisees, franchise industry suppliers, international franchisees, and first time franchisors. Our extensive experience in the franchise industry, representing franchisees and franchisors, allows us to offer cost-effective, efficient, and knowledgeable services.

The master franchise (or sub-franchisor) is the most common form of franchisor-franchisee international franchise relationship. In a master franchise arrangement, the China franchisor gives the foreign master franchisor the right to use the marks and the system in connection with franchising in a particular territory for a certain period of time. In that territory, the master franchisor will act as the franchisor. It will typically be responsible for developing leads for qualified franchisee prospects, for signing the franchise agreements, for training new franchisees, for collecting fees from franchisees in the territory, and for monitoring franchisee compliance with system standards. The master franchisor usually pays a portion of its revenues to the franchisor as royalties.

Some of the advantages of master franchise relationship are: significant expansion without significant expense, the burden of translating all franchise materials can be shifted to the master franchisor, the master franchisor in the country can provide training and support to franchisees easier than the China franchisor and more.

We can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • preparing international master franchise agreements
  • adapting foreign franchise systems to the China market
  • adapting form franchise agreements (and other agreements) to be used with China
  • ranchisees to comply with China laws and business customs
  • drafting franchise offering circulars and exhibits
  • preparing and filing the registration forms required by various state agencies complying with other China national laws and regulations affecting franchise sales or franchise relationships
  • establishing China legal entities
  • acquiring China-based franchise systems

Our Zhuhai office also has experieced Zhuhai franchising lawyer to provide you any legal service in the franchising field.