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We know about national trade commission requirements and review Web advertising for false claims and misleading comparisons to competitors, and for compliance with regulations governing sweepstakes and contests. We also ensure compliance with rules governing advertising aimed at children.

Understanding Online Privacy Regulation under Chinese Law

A growing number of national statutes aim to protect the privacy of Internet users in Guangzhou. We review the Internet privacy policies of our clients to make sure they comply with all provisions of the Guangzhou privacy protection laws and other relevant laws and regulations. We also advise Internet companies of their rights and restrictions regarding user profiling, the use of cookies and similar user identification technologies, service provider search warrants and subpoenas, and encryption applications and technologies.

Recognizing the Risks of Internet Business in Guangzhou

The power of the Internet as a communication medium makes it ripe for abuse. We understand the risks, and advise our service provider clients on their potential liability regarding unanticipated misuses of network resources, adult-oriented materials, online defamation and similar issues—particularly when they involve conflicting state or international regulations. In addition, network security is a major integrity issue for the Web, and we help our clients prevent and, when necessary, respond to computer crime and hacking episodes, including computer trespass, denial of service and similar attacks.

Advising on New Media and Multimedia Issues

The fields of technology law and entertainment law are fast converging in much the same way that television and computers are converging. Our Firm counsels on all aspects of traditional entertainment law, and its intersection with how content is distributed and exploited on the Internet. We advise entertainment clients on recording, songwriting, publishing, syndication, merchandising and endorsement contracts to ensure that their copyrighted works are protected against piracy, yet still accessible to the new markets that the Internet makes possible.

Focusing on Cutting-edge Online Intellectual Property Issues under Chinese Law

Developing and protecting intellectual property assets is crucial to success in the online world. Our Firm Internet lawyers focus on the intellectual property of our clients, whether they need help with developing and licensing software on the Internet, branding (or co-branding) their products and services, and otherwise structuring and enhancing the value of their IP portfolio. We emphasize these key areas of intellectual asset management for our Internet clients:

Trademarks. We help our clients with all aspects of trademarks and branding, including searches and selection, prosecution of national and international applications, trademark portfolio management and protection in the U.S. and foreign jurisdictions. We also work to protect against trademark dilution, draft and negotiate private label and co-branding agreements, assist with trademark licensing and transfers, and conduct trademark-related due diligence in mergers and acquisitions. We help clients efficiently leverage Internet domain names in their business and deal with domain transfers, registrar dispute resolution proceedings, and prosecution of cyber-squatters.

Copyrights. Almost every Internet-related activity involves copyrighted material. We show our clients how to secure and register their copyrights to software as well as graphic images, music, text, video or photography displayed on the Web, and help them enforce those rights against infringement. We have extensive experience handling anti-circumvention rules, agent notices and registrations. We also help negotiate transactions that help clients exploit and profit from copyrighted works, such as software licenses, Web linking agreements, music and video distribution or streaming deals, and copyright assignments.

Patents. We advise companies in the computer and electronics industries on what’s patentable, and have extensive experience with domestic and foreign patent and trademark prosecution, litigation and arbitration. Our patent lawyers represent a range of foreign and domestic companies applying for patents and other protection, as well as start-up companies using technology licensed from universities, medical schools and other research centers.

Trade secrets and proprietary information. Protecting trade secrets often makes the difference between being first to market and losing competitive advantage. We advise clients on all trade secret issues, including employee intellectual property and confidentiality agreements, covenants-not-to-compete, employee training programs, document classification and retention policies, and trade secret misappropriation.

Moving at Internet Speed

Internet law, like the medium itself, is rapidly changing. There was a lot to learn from the technology and meltdown. The companies that remain strong, are making a comeback or are new to market and are building value with tried and true formulas—these are Our Firm’s clients.

We Represent E-Commerce Companies Around The World

Our expert lawyers represent e-commerce companies around the world. From the smallest drop-shipping startup to large fulfillment warehouses, Revision Legal’s attorneys have satisfied a diverse range of e-commerce needs. Our attorneys can help you with:

  • Distributor agreements
  • Internet minimum advertising policies
  • Licensing agreements
  • Affiliate marketing agreements
  • Copyright infringement
  • Business defamation, libel, or slander
  • Trademark infringement
  • Domain name or cybersquatting disputes

Our Firm has proven that we can move at Internet speed and give our clients straight talk on their options and opportunities in Guangzhou.