Guangzhou Labor and Employment Counseling and Litigation

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The modern workplace is a complex legal environment, subject to myriad national rules and regulations, including anti-discrimination statutes, wage and hour laws, and employee/independent contractor determinations. GUANGZHOU EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR DISPUTE LAWYER has developed a distinct expertise in this field, representing both employers and employees in a variety of workplace disputes. Having represented both sides in these disputes, GUANGZHOU EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR DISPUTE LAWYER attorneys are able to anticipate their opposition's arguments more effectively than their counterparts at management-side only firms.

GUANGZHOU EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR DISPUTE LAWYER has a strong record of success initiating and defending claims for discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, wage and hour violations and payment of unemployment benefits both in national and appeal court, before the Guangzhou Commission Against Discrimination, and before other national and national agencies. We also have extensive experience litigating workplace contract disputes and tort claims. GUANGZHOU EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR DISPUTE LAWYER works closely with companies to ensure the security of their proprietary information and customer relationships through the crafting of well-tailored non-compete and non-disclosure contracts, trade secret litigation, and the aggressive enforcement of covenants not to compete. GUANGZHOU EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR DISPUTE LAWYER assists with internal company investigations of employee complaints and also works with employers to develop personnel policies and procedures that reduce the risk of future litigation. We are also available for human resources counseling to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
Today’s employers and managers operate in an increasingly regulated and complex arena.  While the primary goal of any employer is to create a skilled and productive workforce, workplace issues and employee complaints have generated an unprecedented number of lawsuits.  Employment litigation has tripled in the past decade to more than one-third of all lawsuits filed in the trial court of Guangzhou.  We develop long-term relationships with our business clients to provide them with excellent, timely counseling.  Our experienced team of litigators works with our clients to provide efficient, responsive guidance throughout the entire litigation process.  

Labor and Employment Law Counseling

Employers often need to pick up the telephone and get an immediate answer to important employment questions.  Employers need access to their counsel, and our employment attorneys pride themselves on being quickly responsive to employer’s questions.  Quality counseling is an effective tool in preventing or mitigating problems that otherwise could lead to litigation.

Employment Litigation

When employers are faced with litigation, they need seasoned attorneys who have real trial experience and a practical approach to litigation.  Our employment attorneys can work with you through each step of the litigation process to help you make the right decisions.

Discrimination Investigations

Employers may need to conduct an internal investigation of discrimination complaints.  Such investigations need to be thorough and handled properly in the context of the corporate environment.  Our attorneys are familiar with dealing with executives and human resource departments.  We can conduct an investigation that is thorough, responsive, efficient, and effective.

Employee Handbooks and Related Documentation

A well-crafted employee handbook is not only useful to employees; it is an effective tool for an employer.  A well-written handbook can be effective in barring employee lawsuits.  However, there is no “one size fits all” form of handbook.  Working carefully with employers, we can effectively and efficiently craft an employment handbook.  Also, regular review and updates to handbooks are strongly advised.

Various national and local agencies require the regular filing of documentation regarding employees.  We can help you and your human resource department ensures compliance with local and national requirements.