Employment agreement and labor contract drafting

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Carefully planned and drafted employment agreements are essential to a successful employment arrangement. Our Guangzhou attorney are experienced in drafting employment agreement. Agreements for managements and other key personnel have also become more complex, involving a blend of duties tied to performance benchmarks and reporting, current and deferred incentive compensation, the development of confidential information with concerns about its subsequent use by departing employees, tax and benefit issues. All of these threads must be tightly wound together for a sound agreement. Our lawyers will provide you with a real-world employment contract to planning and drafting the essential components of effective employment agreements for managers and key employees, including spotting common mistakes that lead to litigation.

• Drafting essential components of a managerial or key employee employment agreement
• Scope of duties and performance benchmarks
• Compensation and benefits – forms of compensation, incentives and timing of payment
• Term and termination – how and when someone may be discharged
• Confidential information of employer, conflicts of interest, and non-competition
• Common mistakes in employment agreements leading to litigation

Employment contracts are a critical component of many employer-employee relationships. These contracts often control the amount of pay, the duration of employment, the ability to work for a competing employer at a later time, grounds for termination and the amount of compensation the employee will receive if employment is terminated.

At this Guangzhou Law Firm, we are highly experienced in representing both employers and employees in employment contract negotiations, drafting and disputes. Our attorney is Board Certified in Labor & Employment Law by the Guangzhou Board of Legal Specialization.

Our Guangzhou employment contract lawyers are experienced in handling all of the following employment contract matters:

  • Negotiation and drafting of employment agreements and restrictive covenants
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements
  • Severance agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Sales commission/bonus issues
  • Contract review
  • Employment contract litigation
  • Severance Agreements and Severance Packages

Companies and employees frequently enter into severance agreements to set forth the compensation and benefits that may be paid to an employee at the termination of the employment relationship. The amount of severance pay is one issue that will be negotiated in a severance agreement. Other issues include insurance benefits, references or non-disparagement clauses.

Our attorneys are experienced in negotiating, drafting and reviewing severance agreements as well as representing employers and employees when litigation arises after the parties entered into a severance agreement. If you have been laid off, we can review your severance agreement/package and make sure it is fair and reasonable.

Physician and Executive Employment Agreements

The drafting of physician and executive employment agreements can be particularly complex. Many issues can arise when physicians or executives sever their relationship with a practice or a company. These issues include non-compete provisions, compensation and malpractice insurance issues. Our attorneys can assist you with negotiating the best agreement to meet your goals and objectives upon ending the business relationship.