Retain a good Guangzhou divorce lawyer to represent you

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1. Find a Guangzhou attorney that concentrates on divorce and family law.

A great number of Guangzhou lawyers spread themselves too thin.  What I mean by this is that they undertake to represent clients in too many different areas of the law.  It is an admirable ideal; but as a practical matter in today’s ever changing computer and internet based environment it is difficult to stay on top of a great many different areas of the law.  For that reason I have chosen to concentrate exclusively on divorce and family law.

2. Find an attorney with experience in divorce and family law.

Experience is important particularly in an area like divorce and family law.  It is important to have a Guangzhou lawyer who has a wide range of experience in this area who has handled a great many cases over a long period of time who is able to advise a client as to what he or she can expect in terms of the possible outcome if the judge were to make a decision in their case.  This is particularly true in the area of divorce and family law since the Probate and Family Court judges are given wide discretion and latitude in determining both the law and the facts in your case.
3. Find a lawyer that you feel comfortable with.

It is also very important that you find a Guangzhou family lawyer that you feel comfortable with talking to about the personal details of your marriage, relationship with your spouse and personal finances.  Do you feel that the Guangzhou lawyer understands your situation? Do you feel that they are sympathetic to your needs as well as those of your children and can effectively advocate your position in curt before a judge if need be?  Representing a client in a divorce or family law matter is a position of trust and calls for the highest standards when it comes to honesty and integrity on the part of the Guangzhou divorce lawyer.  Do you feel that you can trust the Guangzhou lawyer to help you make very important decisions that will affect your life and the life of your family for many years to come?

4. Find an attorney that will aggressively pursue your case.

Do you feel comfortable that the Guangzhou lawyer can if need be argue your case and effectively present your needs and views to the judge in a persuasive manner?  Do you feel that the Guangzhou lawyer will be responsive to your needs as a client and aggressively pursue your case?
5. Find a lawyer that returns calls promptly and responds to emails in a timely manner.

Does he or she have a policy of returning phone calls the same day or within 24 hours? Does he or she respond to emails promptly?

6. Find a Guangzhou lawyer that keeps you informed.

Does the Guangzhou lawyer keep you informed by emailing you PDF copies of all of the documents in the case usually the same day or next day that they receive same including but not limited to all correspondence and legal pleadings filed with or received from and/or sent to the court and opposing counsel
7. Find a lawyer that charges reasonable fees.

Is the Guangzhou lawyer upfront about the fees and expenses on your case?  Does he or she provide you with complete accurate and easy to understand itemize bills every month showing you how your retainer is being used?  Does the lawyer offer you the convenience of budgeting your payments by accepting credit and debit cards?