Divorce Litiation

We understand that it’s always difficult to go through a divorce or dissolution, and even harder to face a custody dispute or disagreement over spousal support.  This can be an emotionally difficult time for families, and that’s exactly when you need good advice to make the right decisions for your future. Our divorce attorneys are committed to finding the best solution for our clients.
Our divorce attorneys have extensive experience providing clients sound legal advice regarding:
 •Alimony and spousal support
 •Child custody and visitation
 •Child support
 •Divorce modifications
 •Property division

Each person Should hire a Guangzhou divorce lawyer to handle the divorce case in Guangzhou. Whether a person is negotiating a settlement or presenting a case to the court, he or she needs a knowledgeable and experienced family lawyer to get the benefit of all the law has to offer. The divorce lawyer represents one spouse in the traditional attorney-client relationship that may involve litigation or result in a negotiated settlement. Litigation in court is costly from the financial and emotional perspective. However, certain family matters can only be resolved through litigation.

In order to litigate or negotiate a successful resolution as an attorney specializing in matrimonial litigation, our Guangzhou divorce lawyer have extensive knowledge in business valuation and dissolution, pension and retirement benefits, income and tax consequences, valuation of advanced degrees and licenses, child support and custody arrangements. We have litigated cases in all Guangzhou area courts, all Counties in Guangzhou, as well as in Nanhai, Foshan and Huadu, Zengcheng.

Our divorce litigation lawyer are also experienced in complex domestic relations cases including many appellate cases. However, we will recommend litigation as an option only after we have exhausted all efforts to resolve the case peacefully and with fairness and dignity.

The laws of equitable distribution of marital property are complex, dynamic and constantly changing. Before agreeing to a property settlement or before asking the court to divide property, it is very important to conduct financial disclosure to determine how and when the specific property and all other assets were acquired.
We have over 20 years of experience in handling marital and custody disputes,  pre-marital agreements, marital settlement agreements, custody and parenting time issues, domestic violence and abuse issues, and grandparents’ rights.  We also advocate negotiation as an alternative to fighting and depleting resources and if both parties stand to benefit or are better served with this option of resolution.