Find an Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Guangzhou

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How do I find an Uncontested Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce is can be a very emotional event and possibly the most difficult thing many people will face in their life.  While divorces can turn into ugly personal battles, sometimes the two people seeking divorce are amicable.  Uncontested divorce may be right for you under the following circumstances:

- If you and your spouse do not have significant assets or are in agreement how to divide your assets.
- If you and your spouse are both capable of supporting yourself financially.
- If you do not have young children or if you are in complete agreement with their custody, care, and control. 

Uncontested divorce is not for everyone, but it can save significant amounts of financial resources if you meet the necessary requirements for filing an uncontested divorce. 

What to tell your attorney

It will be important that you can come to your lawyer and discuss all aspect of your marriage, personal life, and financial situation.  This may be a difficult and emotional time, but try your best to give a complete picture to your lawyer.  The more your lawyer understands about your case, the better he or she can help you in your divorce.  Anything you say to your lawyer in private will be held to strict confidentiality standards. It is essential for you to come to our Guangzhou divorce law firm to talk to our Guangzhou divorce lawyer.

Where to look for an attorney

Many uncontested divorce lawyers and firms are available and most advertise their services through television, the radio, or print ads.  While these sources are important in giving you the names and locations of some local uncontested divorce lawyers, you should not rely on their claims when choosing which lawyer is right for you.  Check with the National Bar Association to find out any information you would like to have about a lawyer you are considering to hire.  You should check to ensure that the lawyer does not have any ethical violations or consumer complaints against them. 

This website can be an important tool for finding an uncontested divorce lawyer.  To do so, use the search box located at the top of the page.  You can find and compare lawyers while also asking free questions.  

Do I need a specialist?

While uncontested divorces are not the most involved legal processes, it still requires competence for filing and ensuring that all legal documents are timely and effectively completed.  Seek a lawyer who consistently works with uncontested divorces, as they will be the best for seeking advice and representation.  It is always preferable to have a lawyer that knows the answers immediately and not one that has to ask other lawyers or research answers to your questions. 

Preparing for an appointment

Before you meet with your lawyer, make sure that you have all available documents and papers ready for their review.  Marriage licenses, financial documents, and medical records may all be important for your case.  Bring them with you when you meet with your uncontested divorce lawyer.  You will need to discuss you case in detail, so be prepared to communicate dates, times, and places of important events surrounding your marriage and divorce.  The more information you can supply your lawyer, the better he or she can evaluate your case and answer your questions. 

Come prepared with questions you would like answered.  It is always helpful to write down these questions, as you will often need to process large amounts of information while meeting with your lawyer. 

Evaluating Experience & Education

All lawyers must graduate from law school and pass the bar exam in their practicing state.  While these are the minimum requirements, also look into the credentials and past experiences of the lawyer.  You want a lawyer that has represented clients in the same way as you want to be represented.  You should be able to quickly determine if the lawyer has the appropriate knowledge and skills when talking to them. Our Guangzhou divorce lawyers are expert in divorce litigation and uncontested divorce law.

Do not rely on advertisements as your source for evaluating the experience of your lawyer.  Dig a little deeper and find the true experiences that your lawyer has had and their prior success with cases. 

Personality & Values

Experienced uncontested divorce lawyers will have a reasonable expectation of how to file your divorce papers and how to proceed through the proper channels of the court.  You will want a lawyer that works efficiently on your case, as you do not want divorce papers hanging over your head when a lawyer does not properly file the papers.  An uncontested divorce is meant to be accomplished quickly and without bringing in strong emotions and battles in the court.

Always be wary of unreasonable fees and unethical behavior by any uncontested divorce lawyer.  You should be able to determine the ethical make up of your lawyer by the way they treat your case and the time they spend answering your questions.  Only choose lawyers with your best interests in mind and ones that consult you for all major decisions.  If you believe your uncontested divorce lawyer is acting inappropriately, do not be afraid to approach them and confront them about these acts.  Should they continue, report any unethical behavior to the state bar association. 

Rates, Fees & Retainers

Typically, a lawyer will charge a flat fee for filing and executing an uncontested divorce.  Some lawyers may charge on an hourly basis, but try to avoid this if at all possible.  Hourly rates can often balloon into large amounts should any difficulties occur in your uncontested divorce.  Some lawyers will also require their clients pay for court fees, filing fees, and any other expenses related to the legal work that needs to be conducted.

Interviewing your attorney

Consider the following when speaking with your lawyer:
- Make sure you understand all fees and expenses you are responsible for.  Do not agree upon rates or pay fees which are not in writing.  Shop around to find the best priced uncontested divorce but still consider the skill level of the lawyer.  It is important that you balance these two considerations. 
- Make sure to know the lawyer's past experiences and skill in this field of the law.  If you are uncomfortable with your lawyer, seek new counsel.
- Always know how and when you can contact your lawyer with any questions or updates in your case.  Lawyers should be generally available and respond to any messages left in a timely manner.