Divorce Agreement

A Guangzhou divorce agreement is essential in the proceedings for uncontested divorce. Our Guangzhou divorce attorney provides uncontested divorce agreement services in China with low attorney fees. Our services cover divorce with or without minor children involved, custody, parenting time, child support, and property settlement. If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, we can help you file the necessary paperwork, handle the details, and save legal expenses.

With an uncontested divorce, you enter into a divorce agreement. A divorce agreement, also called a divorce settlement agreement, is a legal document that shows an agreement between the two divorcing parties. With a do it yourself divorce, you can enter into a divorce agreement without hiring a China divorce lawyer. However, the divorce agreement may fall short of essential terms and disadvantageous to you.
A divorce agreement is especially best if you have no children and you haven’t been married for a long time. This is because there’s no child support or assets to discuss. So forgo the agony of a messy divorce in favor of an amicable uncontested divorce. In the end, this will result you in not hating your ex-spouse.

The Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

Our Guangzhou divorce attorney handles uncontested divorce cases for people in many cities. We understand the benefits that come with this type of divorce, benefits that go beyond simply saving time and money. In cases involving children, an uncontested divorce creates an environment in which parents can work together in order to create a positive future in which both are involved in raising the child.

Key Issues that should be included in China divorce Agreement

If you are considering an uncontested divorce, you have probably already started working things out with your spouse in terms of the key issues:

1. Legal custody of minor children
2. Physical custody and parenting schedules (known as "visitation" in court)
3. Child support
4. College costs, educational trusts, and custodial accounts
5. Tax filing status and exemptions for you and your children
6. Martial residence: buyout, transfer, sale, joint ownership, and tax issues
7. Capital gains and other tax consequences upon sales and transfers of property
8. Medical insurance coverage for children
9. Medical coverage for an ex-spouse
10. Life insurance coverage
11. Alimony
12. Self-employed, family, or other business
13. Retirement/pension plans
14. Brokerage, bank, and investment accounts
15. Restricted stock, stock options, stocks, bonds, and life insurance cash surrender value
16. Federal and State taxes
17. Trusts: beneficial interests, irrevocable and revocable
18. Investment/rental property
19. Vehicles, house contents, and miscellaneous assets
20. Liabilities: charge card debt, car loans and lease, mortgage and equity line, promissory note, educational debt, and all other debt

Our lawyers are here to help you iron out these agreements and, more importantly, to make certain that these agreements are workable. Our divorce lawyers have experience handling contested divorce cases, so we know how disputes arise. We know what can go wrong. Our divorce attorney use this knowledge to help you create a divorce agreement that addresses all possible sources of conflict.

We will also make certain that there are no holes in the agreement. In order for an uncontested divorce to be successful, nothing can be missed. For example, we will review all property and do a thorough inventory and appraisement in order to see that everything is incorporated into the agreement, from the family pet to the family home. Our Guangzhou divorce lawyer will make sure that your Guangzhou divorce agreement will work and enforceable.